Grocery Donation Guidelines

The Pantry greatly appreciates donations of food and personal items from our community.  Here are guidelines for what we can accept:

  • Fresh eggs from home and commercial operations
  • Fresh produce from home gardens and commercial farms
  • Commercially canned goods (undented, no more than 2 years past the expiration date)
  • Commercially packed meats, including game
  • Unopened commercially packaged foods, including juices and baby food
  • Unopened box and bag goods, like cereals, hamburger helper, beans, rice and sugar (We love bulk items, but we must do the subdivision here to obey the food safety regulations.)
  • Unopened spices and herbs, flavoring packets
  • Unopened personal items, like shampoos, conditioners, soaps , deodorants, feminine hygiene products and diapers
  • Unopened first aid items, like Band-Aids, ointments, gauze, etc.
  • All paper goods, including toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, tape
  • All cleaning supplies, like detergent and dishwashing soap

The following items cannot be accepted because of food safety guidelines.

  • No home canned goods (including preserves, jellies, etc.)
  • No home prepared meat or game
  • No opened food items
  • Commercially packed goods that are more than 2 years past the expiration date.