About Us

Mission Statement

We provide a once a month food box to those in need in North Ravalli County. This box is meant to assist our clients for a three to five day period. In addition, clients can visit our “Porch” to obtain donated items, including fresh produce, bakery goods, milk and eggs.

We strive to provide a friendly atmosphere to welcome our clients. Kindness is our key word.

Information is also available to further assist our clients with their needs such as SNAP, WIC and LIEAP.

A Hunger Free Community…

Pantry Partners is a 501(c)3, 100% Volunteer organization. We have been assisting those in need in North Ravalli County, Montana since 1989. We are a member of the Montana Food Bank Network, which gives us access to lower cost groceries and commodities for our clients.

Our goal is to ensure that members of our communities do not go to bed hungry.

To achieve these goals requires raising funds through grants, individual and business donations, foundations and other sources.

Support is critical to continuing to provide this vital service.

Donating Opportunities…Your gift will make a difference in the lives of the less-fortunate…

Cash/Check donations

Endowments:  Raymond James Endowment Fund. You can contact our financial advisor at Raymond James Financial Services, (406)363-4293, for more information.

You may also donate funds to honor a loved one, participate in estate planning, trusts, and other avenues.

Legal advice should always be consulted in order to determine your options and goals in donating.